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Exceptional Rental Homes. Exceptional Rental Property Service.

Thank you for taking the time to explore what makes Lava Springs Vacation Rentals a different kind of property management company. Our formula for success- Local, family ownership, beautiful Central Oregon vacation homes and a dedicated, experienced staff that is 100% committed to focusing on the needs of owners and guests. At Lava Springs Vacation Rentals we treat our owners like family and value the trust they place in us.

Lava Springs Vacation Rentals knows that exceptional owners require exceptional rental property service. We understand that it takes clean, well-maintained homes to guarantee happy owners and repeat guests. We know that cutting-edge technology is a must, from online rental property services for guests, to our first rate presentation of rental properties.

Lava Springs Vacation Rentals Reputation for Excellence

  • LSVR’s name recognition is supported by a portfolio of fine vacation rental homes and a reputation for exceptional customer service.

  • Local family ownership and hands-on management ensure accessibility to address needs promptly and effectively.

  • Satisfied guests return year after year to Lava Springs Vacation Rentals, thanks to a dedicated and experienced staff that is 100% committed to exceptional rental property service and old fashioned hospitality. Helpful LSVR staff personally answers all phone calls and e-mails to provide one-on-one, immediate support.

  • Our goal is to provide you with responsive, professional, booking and management services. We work closely with our owners to understand their personal needs and objectives.

  • Most Importantly we are there for you and your guests 7 days a week 24 hours a day. We feel it is essential that your guests have access to someone locally to help with emergencies, answer their questions or just to be available for anything they may need. It is also important to us that you have someone locally to connect with.

  • We are flexible with owners’ needs and have a range of services to choose from including marketing, advertising, bookings and property management.

Personal Service

Communication and responsiveness are key ingredients in any successful business partnership and certainly apply to a vacation rental booking program.

To make communication easier for our owners, our staff is available to each property owner as a resource for matters concerning your home. Members of the Lava Springs Vacation Rentals Team give you the reassurance that everyone knows who you are and help with any questions regarding your home.

Owner Services

  • Beautiful dynamic website advertising with comprehensive rental information.

  • LSVR pays credit card processing fees.

  • LSVR stocks and pays for supplies- Paper products (Kleenex, paper towels and toilet paper) Soaps (hand and body, laundry and dishwashing) and Cleaning (kitchen and bathroom).

  • Immediate notification to owners upon guest reservation.

  • Automatic calendar updates within the secure system.

  • Preparation of all rental agreements. Management of bookings, quotes and guest passes. A personal contact and review before guest approval.

  • Monthly revenue statements/disbursements.

  • Owner portal access (block time, view calendar and statements anytime day or night).

  • Security checks during guest stay.

  • Housekeeping management.

  • Preventative and on-going maintenance scheduling.

  • Availability- 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • Local response to smoke, fire, security alarm systems.

  • VRBO and Homeaway management.

  • More Time, Less Headaches.


Recently, our focus has been on marketing through the internet – by far the most effective medium for reaching consumers planning vacation travel and recreation. Search engine interfaces and sponsored links, email campaigns, cooperative website links and statistical analysis are all part of our on-going campaign to utilize the latest techniques and technology to maximize house rentals.

Targeted, Effective Marketing

  • Continuously monitor market trends and provide recommendations to maximize your long-term and short-term rental income.

  • Cutting edge technology is employed to ensure immediate response to emerging market trends.

  • Periodic, targeted marketing campaigns introduce LSVR’s vacation homes to interested prospects.

  • Strategic search engine optimization.

  • Our website utilizes personalized search capability, high quality digital photography, videos, detailed rental property descriptions, and online availability calendars. The site also provides helpful guest information and much more.


Through Lava Springs Vacation Rentals comprehensive, user-friendly website, planning a vacation is made easy. Vacationers can search for a home based on their personal preferences, view interior photographs, see each home through video and check rates and availability.

In-depth descriptions including amenities are provided for every vacation home. Once guests have made their reservation they are supplied with information that will be helpful to their vacation preparations. A packet of important guest information- terms of occupancy, additional services, guest passes, interesting places and detailed directions are included.

Guest Services

Your tenants are your/our guests and we treat them as such. Our mutual success depends on a high level of customer satisfaction which translates to repeat/referral business and maximum rental income. Our guests are on vacation and they expect an enjoyable and trouble-free experience beginning with the first contact with our company.

Lava Springs Vacation Rentals prides itself on the knowledge and professionalism of our staff. Lava Springs Vacation Rentals Team members are committed to extending excellent service in an environment of personal hospitality. Our Guest surveys consistently show a high level of guest satisfaction which translates into a very high return rate.

For Our Guests

  • Immediate availability and online booking.

  • Instant quotes and reservations with instant credit card processing.

  • Representative available for vacation rental questions 7 days a week.

  • Full color slide shows and detailed rental information.

  • Comprehensive website to include area activities, area weather and special events.

  • Concierge Services provided to our guests.

  • Guest feedback requested with follow up.

Housekeeping Services

Lava Springs Vacation Rentals understands the cleanliness of your home is a direct reflection of the pride of ownership you have in regard to your property. We realize how important it is to guests and owners that they find clean and neat accommodations upon arrival. Your home will be professionally cleaned to after each guest’s use. We want to ensure that the little touches that make your home unique and keep bringing customers back year after year are in place.

Whenever possible, the same cleaning crew is assigned to the same homes all season long, so they develop pride in its appearance. Our thought is- if a cleaner is assigned your home, they know the property on an intimate basis. They spot the little things that are missing, broken or out of place faster. They take pride and care about “their house” and as a result do a superior job.

Our team is unique in that they do many things that average cleaners may not - windows, curtains, tops of cabinets, bbq, etc. We do inspections after cleans to make sure it meets with our stringent standards. Although we do prefer our cleaners, LSVR will work with your cleaning crew if so desired.

Maintenance Services

A well maintained home is an important part of a positive vacation experience which results in repeat or referral business. At Lava Springs Vacation Rentals, we believe that guests on vacation in September are as deserving of a home in good condition as those who vacation in May. Vacationers choosing Central Oregon have high expectations.

In addition to keeping owners informed about the condition and maintenance requirements of their property, LSVR provides timely response 7 days a week to guest reported maintenance problems. We have cultivated a network of reputable and dependable contractors. LSVR has relationships with many contractors that give us prompt service, even after hours and weekends, combined with reasonable rates. Many times we are able to pass on pre-negiotiated preferred rates.

Protecting Our Owners’ Interest

While there is the unavoidable risk of damage or theft whenever a property is offered for rental to the public, it is the intent of Lava Springs Vacation Rentals to minimize these risks. By making recommendations on furnishing your home, attracting high-quality guests and implementing a Security Deposit Program which includes an inspection after each guest’s departure. Each guest pays a security deposit in advance- when combined with a strong rental agreement, has proven to be a very successful deterrent against unwarranted negligence or abuse. Although a reservation may be made online, a booking is not complete until a staff member screens a guest. All reservations are contingent on approval by management. Rentals are limited to guests over 25 years of age.

After each guest’s visit the property is inspected by LSVR staff members. The inspector reports anything missing or damaged due to negligence or willful abuse. The inspection is not a minutely-detailed inventory, but the security deposit does address recognizable damage or loss (beyond “normal wear and tear”.

A comprehensive inspection is conducted for each owner during the off-season. Recommendations are made for such things as replenishing kitchen inventory, replacing carpet and furniture, painting or adding guest requested furnishings, supplies or amenities. While it is important to maintain each properties uniqueness, standards are necessary to meet guest expectations. A team member is always available to consult with owners on how to make their property attractive to potential guests and to generate maximum occupancy and income.

Lava Springs Vacation Rentals strive to work with owners to customize any policies that are important to you.

Rental Pricing

It is Lava Springs Vacation Rentals objective to identify the optimum pricing structure for each home that will maximize its rental income potential. Continuous monitoring of market conditions helps us determine optimal rates and identify opportunities to increase rates. Recommendations for rates are made for each property in our program after reviewing the rates of similar homes in comparable locations within (and outside) the Lava Springs Vacation Rentals program.

Client Fees/Commission

Lava Springs Vacation Rentals is compensated according to a percentage of the rent. Since we get paid only if your house is rented, we are highly motivated to maximize the rental potential of every property.

Commissions earned cover the cost of rental program management, marketing, credit card merchant fees, property supplies, accounting and reservation process. Additional service options are available to the owner on a fee basis.

Thank you for taking the time to review the Lava Springs Vacation Rentals Rental Property Services Program. We hope we may be of service to you in the near future. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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